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KrooMembers to help set-up, serve-up and clean-up any size gathering.

"PartyKroo makes throwing a party so easy! PartyKroo made it possible for me to feel like a guest at my own party and was very affordable. You will enjoy your party so much more with their responsible servers handling all the details! I will definitely use PartyKroo again. And again!"

 Mary, Lawyer 

"I had the best experience ever with this company! I was so happy to enjoy my own party and be able to socialize with my guests. I wasn't running to get drinks or fill food dishes...I was actually talking with my friends. Brian was the perfect server! And at the end of the night, my kitchen was spotless! I honestly can't imagine throwing another party without using PartyKroo!"

Kelsey, Teacher

"I threw an informal party at my house the other night and used PartyKroo. It was easy and affordable! I just went on their website and got to choose the helpers that fit my budget. My two servers had background checks, were helpful and cheery. I actually got to visit with my friends without having to worry about typical hosting duties—and at the end of the evening, my kitchen was clean! Best kept secret in town. I highly recommend!"

Sarah, Business Owner

"I have used PartyKroo for both large and small events and I love it!  I work long hours and have young kids so I don't have a lot of free time, yet I enjoy hosting events. The PartyKroo servers are terrific.  From set-up to service to clean-up, they do it all. I am addicted. I am so thrilled to have an easy and affordable way to throw great parties. I will never have a party without PartyKroo again!"

Nadia, Lawyer  

"I used PartyKroo for the Grand Opening of my new office. In the past when I needed help with my events, I had to work with whomever the staffing agency sent.  With PartyKroo, it was easy to browse the online server profiles and select the servers that best fit my event and my budget—all in about 10 minutes!  The two people I selected were professional, polite and great at what they do! They made me look like a superstar!"

Amber, Real Estate Broker 

"I had never had a server for a party before and now I don't think I can throw a party without one. Emily was awesome!   She came in and took care of everything so I could enjoy time with my guests."

Carrie, Sales Associate


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A savvy host knows good help is hard to find. But not anymore!

KrooMembers can help:

+  Set up your party space

+  Finish last minute prep

+  Greet and escort guests

+  Take coats, handbags and gifts

+  Serve food and beverages

+  Pass appetizers

+  Direct the flow of the event

+  Clear plates and glassware

+  Clean up the kitchen and party space

+  Break down the event

+  Help take down decorations

Hire KrooMembers for:

Dinner Parties  •  Everyday Gatherings  •  Birthday Parties  •  Holiday Parties  •  Sports Events  •  Corporate Events  •  Fundraisers  •  Baby Showers  •  Wedding Showers  •  Cocktail Parties  •  Engagement Parties  •  Graduation Parties

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