Welcome to the Fabulous and Busy World of PartyKroo.com!

We’re not all cocktails and caviar. We’re executives, entrepreneurs, mothers, wives and innovators. And we all value the same thing -- time, quality and resources.

Busy running the boardroom, raising families and hosting fabulous events of our own, we all came to realize that entertaining today is not as easy as it should be.

We grew up helping our own mothers and grandmothers welcome friends, family and business partners into their homes. We learned early and often that the real gift in entertaining is the human connection and that it should be at the core of every gathering.

Through the countless birthday parties, business dinners, charity events, girls’ nights in and numerous other gatherings we've hosted, it was clear to us that there had to be a more stress-free and affordable way to entertain.

We set out to redefine the modern day hostess.