Fabulous resolutions that deserve a little celebrating!

A new year means a new opportunity to commit to something bigger and more fabulous than last year! It’s a time to prioritize the things on our calendars that make us happy and commit to fewer things that overcrowd our schedules.

Here’s our guide to fabulous resolutions that deserve a little celebrating!

1. Be the hostess that enjoys the mostest. Host gatherings that you would want to attend. This could mean planning around a festive theme, upping your menu choices, or finding a creative entertainer for the night. This year make a resolution to be a guest at your own gatherings by hiring Party Helpers to set-up, serve-up and clean-up so you can enjoy your guests and go to bed happy (and with a clean kitchen!) after your final guest departs!

2. A little less sweat, a little more soiree! Plan to enjoy being the host this year. Sounds impossible, right? Not anymore! Plan ahead and embrace the beauty of planning online. From a last minute pre-party cleaning by Handy, fresh flowers from Bouqs, the most unique decorations and home goods from Pigment (a San Diego favorite!), beverages from Wine.com and, of course, Party Helpers and delicious food from LuxGatherings.com. Let your fingers do the work before the gathering so our Party Helpers can do the work during and after.

3. Feed your creative side. Not everyone is a Martha Stewart prodigy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have creative fun while planning and hosting. 2016 was full of fabulous gatherings both small and large. This year, make a resolution to not just host another Get creative with your menus, themes, decorations, cocktails or entertainment. Make 2017 your creative year.

4. Don’t let the last minute get your spirits down. Whether it’s a last-minute birthday party, or an out-of-nowhere corporate lunch that you’re tasked with planning in a pinch – don’t let last minute gatherings dampen your spirits. Last minute can be a blessing and quite easy. Think simple, think quick and think convenient. We’ve created simple party menus that need as few as 48 hours’ notice to confirm and have delivered. Order on Tuesday for a Thursday luncheon. And while you’re planning, make it even more fabulous with a Party Helper to help set-up, serve-up and clean-up the gathering!

Make 2017 the year of firsts, fun and fabulous gatherings! Make it your resolution to enjoy more gatherings with friends and family in the comfort of your own home. It’s your year to be a guest at your own gathering!

Here’s to a fabulous new year filled with memorable gatherings!