3 Simple Centerpieces

Looking for that added texture or pop of color to spruce up your table? Whether you’re hosting a party, or simply having a couple of your favorites over for dinner, here are some ideas to create a quick, elevated and simple centerpiece that will be the perfect finishing touch to your dining table.

Make a statement:

You don’t have to be a florist to create a masterpiece. In fact, a masterpiece on your table could just be all your favorite colors. Don’t be shy to mix the roses with the green forage and the bright pink with the bright green vase. Let the masterpiece tell the story and give your guests something to talk about.


Your favorite vase or flower holder:

Pick something that is all about your personality for the evening. If you’re feeling fun and playful, set your arrangement in your brightest vase. If you want something more refined and simple, use your simple, classic vase. For a simple, farm-to-table look, use a mason jar. For an elevated look, consider lining a simple low-profile round glass vase with broad tropical green leaves.

Your favorite greenery or flowers:

This is the best part of this centerpiece; it doesn’t require a large, or expensive, assortment. For a simple arrangement, add your favorite bunch of greenery to a bundle of your go-to seasonal flower. For a more refined look, mix two or three different flower types of varying size and texture with simple greenery. Add floral berry or curly willow twigs for a beautiful pop if you are feeling inspired.


Succulent (cy):

Succulents have a way of showcasing an elevated and modern vibe with little maintenance: how perfectly simple! Having them as a centerpiece can add that pop of greenery to your set-up that you might be lacking; and the best part? You can scatter them throughout your house after their debut is over. It’s the centerpiece that keeps on giving.


Trough/pots/or cement bowl:

The great thing about succulents is that they act as a neutral; you can outfit them in anything depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. For the rustic look, this is the time for your DIY skills – put together a homemade trough. If you want a more classic look that still squeals elevated, find a few pots at your favorite store. For the modern look – find a neat cement bowl and surround the succulents with rocks.


Sparkle and Shine:

We’re all guilty of having unused candles lying around; this is their time to shine. Create a simple centerpiece that sets the mood, as well as adds some sparkle and lighting to your table.



Depending on the look you want to achieve with this centerpiece, you can use tea light candles, pillar candles, or taper candles.


Adding dimension to your set-up is always key; especially if all of your candles are the same size and height. Use a couple of candleholders that catch your eye, or set creative blocks for different heights.