3 Reasons to Hire A Bartender

Looking for a fun way to create a new flavor at your next party? Hire a bartender in San Diego, Denver or Sacramento to serve up delicious libations. Adding a bartender to the party is a simple, easy and affordable way to add an extra splash of entertainment and enjoyment for you and your guests. We’re sharing 3 reasons why a bartender is a must-have for every party.


Mix It Up – Add something new to your entertaining lineup. Whether it’s a baby shower or birthday bash, cocktail party or holiday celebration, adding a bartender to your party gives your guests a little something new to enjoy. Instead of the traditional pre-made cocktails, bottled drinks and carafes, opt for a fresh (and tasty) drink menu or specialty cocktail for your guests to sip and enjoy.


Shake It Up – Talk about a splash of fun! Hiring a bartender gives you the opportunity to select a handful of specialty cocktails and mixers. Pick a few fun recipes for your bartender to shake up all night. We love to pair our cocktail list with the theme of the party. Going for a Fall theme? Add in a spiced rum recipe for a bit of Fall fun. Wanting something sassy and classy? Ask your bartender to add a Bellini to the menu.


Serve It Up – Leave the drinks to us! A bartender can help set-up, shake-up, serve-up and clean-up the drink station. Instead of worrying about if the bar is stocked, spend your time worrying about which tasty drink you’ll be sipping on next. A bartender is the best way to serve up a stress-free party! Not to mention, who doesn’t love a delicious libations?