3 Fun and Easy Summer Party Tips


1. Add something new to the BBQ! Guests expect to be served hamburgers and hot dogs off the grill at a summer cookout so think of something exciting to add a punch of flavor. Fresh fruits and vegetables like corn, watermelon, pineapple and even avocado are  delicious grilled options that your guests will love.


2. Go forkless! Casual summer parties are the perfect excuse to avoid the pile up of dishes. Serve everything on sticks or foods that can be eaten without silverware. Pineapple and chicken on a stick, vegetable or fruit skewers, fruit salad on a stick or serve up skewered potatoes with fun toppings like chives and ranch dressing. Get creative and have fun! Keep dessert on theme and serve up donuts or cookies.


3. Hire a KrooMember to help navigate your party! Our experienced Party Helpers can make throwing a summer party more wow than work! From preparing the skewers for the BBQ to stocking the drink stations, KrooMembers are the best summer party accessory.


What's your favorite go-to summer party idea?!